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Any Tips For Mooshu?

Jul 19, 2010
I'm currently in the Khotan Skyway (I think its called that) and just learned about General Tso (when the Yakooza leader first mentions about him). I am a level 41 Musketeer and I'm feeling really uncomfortable with this world. My companions are in the level 34-40 range. Rooster Cogburn being the only level 40. I can't really afford buying companion training points from taverns because they're about 2700 a pop. The enemies I fight right now are about level 40, and its just I'm feeling really uncomfortable because most of my companions are underleveled. I've already looked at darthjt's companion leveling guide but it just feels that they're too weak. Even though I win all my battles, I usually come out with me being the only one alive from my team or losing 1-2 companions. I'm just feeling that I can't handle Mooshu later on. Can you guys give me some tips?

Mar 30, 2011
As long as you are winning the battle's you just need to keep pressing on. I don't think it is going to get any easier. There are some tough opponents in Mooshu and it can be a grind, especially if you do all the side quests. But the side quests are the ones that help you level up too. I entered Cool Ranch as well as Mooshu having completed all side quests to ensure I was at maximum level when I reached those areas. I reached level 50 and had not started the Turtle Ball quest yet, (the quest leading you to the final battle's). It also helps to not collect anymore companions until you are at a high level, that way your companions are always a few steps ahead of you on their level's.
Not sure if this really helps, just my 2 cents worth.
Bloody Karic

Petty Officer
Sep 19, 2010
I started mooshu at 40 as well and didnt really have any trouble fighting the mobs there. I use mostly swashbuckler companions in my top lineup and they seem to dodge and riposte just as well as the npcs in mooshu. I rarely lost companions at all with this lineup. I used Sara Steele as my first mate and El Toro as my second mate and any swashbuckler at my disposal in the first 5 or so spots then i have Bonnie Anne and Rat Beard as back ups after that rarely do you get those companions that are 3% or less chance of showing up in any given battle. Best advice load up on swashbucklers and never look back if you are a different class Privateers need to buff their companions up fully for battle instead of trying to deal damage. Witchdoctors need to sit back and cast spells that hit multiple mobs, using your staff is a hit an miss cause of the high dodge rate you miss more than hit so cast instead.. Buccaneers well sorry unless you got multiple critical hit cards you aint hitting nothing MISS MISS MISS. Musketeers lay all the traps you can down ie: cannon balls and bear traps lure mobs into them if needed. Good luck do as many side quests as you can to gain companion training points. keep your first mate 1 level below you and everyone else 2 levels in your lineup to 5 npcs, after that it really doesnt matter i left several companions at level 15 and never touched them until i finished the game and went back after gaining 100k gold or so and bought 20 training points and then leveled them up to 40 or so. Hope this helps!!