A couple glitches I found

May 18, 2011
Hey Kingisle!
I found a couple glitches in Mooshu, and I didn't know how to send them, so I figured I'd put them here.
1. Whenever I finish a combat, and I collect treasure chests, some of the chest pictures don't appear at the top. For open areas, this is fine- but when I'm in a place with barrels and boxes and cannons, I don't see the picture of the chest at the collect treasure chest, I can't find the treasure chest, and I end up losing the chest, because I can't find it... or it doesn't exist. I don't know if this is just me or if it makes any sense.
2. When fighting Stormzilla (great battle, by the way) I looked at Stupendor X's epics- second chance, blade storm, and cheap shot. However, when Stormzilla moved away, I didn't get a cheap shot- when I missed, I didn't get the second chance, and when I killed one of the baby lizards, Bladestorm didn't activate to hit Stormzilla.
These glitches aren't too bad, but if you have extra time, it'd be nice if you could take a look at it.
By the way, thanks for creating this game! It's awesome!

Thanks, Crazy Cody
Level 50 Witchdoctor