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Tragedy in cave of the Crescent Moon

Nov 17, 2012
I was going to the cave in Diablo Cut. I was at the part to fight the Undead and the scorpions. So I did. Unfortunately, my companions all went to yellow within the first round. I used Refresh, and made Bonnie Anne use her Second Wind. But she died. Then Nanu Nanu and Ensign Emmett right along with her. I died in the end. All it took was 3 rounds and we all failed. The cave is too hard.

Lovable Natalie level 13

Jun 23, 2013
You should try leveling up you and your companions, then try again. I think I was level 14 or 15 when I did the Diablo Cut dungeon.
Mercilless Nicole Underwood Level 17

First Mate
Dec 12, 2011
I was around lvl 15 when I did it on my Swashbuckler, Witchdoctor, Musketeer, and Privateer. Make sure you're working on your companions lvls and remember to boost your strength as much as possible (i recommend using 'smashy' weapons on your Privateer).
I just learned that 'spooky' helps with boosting heals and poisons. So I recommend working on your privateer's spooky as well in order to maximize your healing prowess

Also, for my last tip of advice (this might help you later in the game). Always work on your companion's dodgy, no matter what class they are. If the enemy can't hit them, then they won't die so easily...

Happy sailing, mate

Jul 15, 2012
my brother cant beat that part either if you need help meet in the averys court tell me when you can I will answer you back my brother might help to he will be with me when we get there I am a buccaneer my name is below if you cant find look for a man with English bills hat and jacket with Aquila boots

two- faced matthew strong level 64

Jul 15, 2012
sorry look for an Aquila shirt that says cutthroat outfit

two-faced matthew strong level 64 equus fugit
best ever

Sep 09, 2010
I can help you once I finish aqulia and that will be soon .so after I finish aqulia I will be there .romantic rebbeca ivring level 65 .

Sep 09, 2010
I can help you with it just tell me what realm and what time you get on at and i will help you.

Dec 31, 2012
I am a 15th level Swashbuckler ready to answer the call. Post here with realm and gametimes if you still need help.

I also echo what everyone else has said. I try to do as many sidequests as possible to be at least 15th level in prep for the Shock & Paw quest and you want your companions to be no less than a couple levels lower than you are.

I follow the basic strategy of focusing on defeating one enemy at a time to reduce the number of incoming attacks and I take out underlings before focusing on any bosses.

Doing side quests helps because not only does it boost your level, some quests also reward you with Companion Training points so that you don't have to burn through so much gold on Training Tomes.

Also don't forget to stay healed up in between fights. Backtrack through the caves to find Red Yum Yum fruit. If a companions is incapacitated, use your Mojo Potions to revive them (you should have two potions to use by that time) and keep an eye out for Blue Yum Yums to refill your potion bottles.

Unless you are a Privateer with a lot of buffs to use, making Bonnie Anne your First Mate during this quest is a wise move. That way, you have at least one HP recovery power to burn during combat.