Possible Iron Monkey Bug?

Dec 01, 2012
I have tried to complete this quest, and after I win the fight, it just goes back to where it was before the fight. I fought 5 times, and it happens every time. I don't know what to do to complete this, and I have fulfilled all the requirements. My Crane Student would really like to become a Disciple!!!

Nov 01, 2009
I wondered about this too. I had to complete the fight twice before the quest completed - the first time it did exactly as you described and returned me to having to talk to the guy again. The second time I spoke with him I'm sure the dialog was slightly different from the first.

I wonder whether there is some hidden condition that has to be met for the fight to be considered a success in this instance? Maybe the crane has to maintain a certain level of health or something, in order to prove his worth.

Hello! Just wanted to let you know that this is a known issue that will be fixed in the upcoming patch that is currently being tested on the Test Realm.

*One-Eyed Jack, Your Pirate101 Community Manager*
Petty Officer
Jun 01, 2009
Ah, good to know. I had to do the battle twice, and due to the dialogue, thought it was meant to happen like that.