New Promotions for the Monquistador Trio

Petty Officer
Mar 11, 2011
Ahoy there fellow pirates! I was just thinking, how about new promotions for the Monkey of Monquista?
Monquistador Explorer-Monquistador General lvl 30- Monquistador Commander lvl 45

Monquistador Archer-Monquistador Sharpshooter lvl 30- Monquistador Gunnery Seargent lvl 45

Monquistador- Monquistador Preacher lvl 30- Monquistador Church Leader( Cant think of a good name atm)

The Commander looks like the guards at Monquista City with the gold and black armor, and gains the Brutal Charge and Critical Strike rank 3 abilities

The Gunnery Seargent has upgraded armor that is now black and grey with a banana on the center. Gains the Big Guns and Rain of Motarshells abilities

The church leader looks like the Preacher at the church in Puerto Mico, with the lamp of his tail and the wider hat. Gains the Rally and Critical Strike rank 3 abilities.

And all gain an extra 2 epics at last promo for a total 4.

Happy Sailing the Skyways!

Jacob lvl 65 Swashbuckler Dehydrator( The hydra not me)