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Medium Hull Ship Parts

Oct 10, 2010
Anyone know where the medium hull ship parts vendor is? I had heard Monquista, but there are no ship vendors there at all. Again, looking for upgraded ship parts for a Medium Hull.

Thanks in Advance!

Jun 16, 2009
I agree, I been trying to find some but no luck . The only ship parts places are some islands in Skull Island, islands but not meduim. Just raft and light

Gunner's Mate
Oct 22, 2011
Much of the medium armor is through drops when doing ship battles. Once in a while, I'll get a heavy armor drop, but most of these are in the crown shop.

I'll usually do about an hour of ship battles wherever I am, not only to level up my nautical (which helps when equipping better ship gear), but to get gold coins and ship drops. Right now, all of my Pirate characters will be very happy with all the new goodies I've gotten!

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Apr 28, 2012
There are two ship vendors in Puerto Mico. One has parts for Frigates and Pirate Frigates. The other has parts for Monquistador Skiffs. Use Scrimshaw Docks for Pirate Galleons.

Jan 29, 2010
Preach829 on Oct 14, 2012 wrote:
Anyone know where the medium hull ship parts vendor is? I had heard Monquista, but there are no ship vendors there at all. Again, looking for upgraded ship parts for a Medium Hull.

Thanks in Advance!
As you work through the game you will find there are ship, and ship parts vendors in each world (not necessarily on each island).

1) Skull Island proper = SI raft, SI skiff, and equipment.

2) Jonah Town (Gullet) = SI skiff parts.

3) Flotsom = various parts, and equipment.

4) Scrimshaw = SI galleon and its parts.

5) Puerto Mico = SI ship parts and Monquista skiff parts.

Sorry, I don't remember which island in Monquista sells ship parts.

6) I believe Avernus has a ship parts vendor on Savilla (not positive).

7) Cool Ranch you will find ship and ship parts vendors on Cooper's Roost, and Bison Village.

8) Port Regal had Marley Bone and Mooshu ship parts during beta.

You may also find that you get some of the better ship armor and equipment from broadside battles in each of these areas. The Orca is a good ship to battle and farm for ship drops, so are the Monquista Naval ships near Summer Palace in Monquista.

I hope that helps. Keep your eyes open you will find what you are looking for.

Happy sailing!

Mar 26, 2012
We need a ship parts vendor fast, I have to use my skiff still and I am finishing up side quests so I can get ready for Valencia.

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Apr 28, 2012
Davidshipmorgan: There are plenty of ship parts vendors and ship vendors around. When I went to Monquista, I made sure I had a Galleon ship with all the necessary equipment. I bought this Pirate Galleon in Scrimshaw and outfitted it at the same place. I did not buy a Frigate because I did not have the Gold for both the Galleon and the Frigate. So far, I'm doing fine in Monquista although I do have to use the Windlanes frequently to repair the ship. I plan on using the same ship in Valencia I am now saving my Gold for a ship from Cool Ranch. There's no need to buy each and every ship unless you want to and have the Gold to do it.

I must admit I am keeping track of where Ship and Ship Parts Vendors are and what they are selling at what price. It's the only way I could think of to find out where to get the correct equipment.

Jan 17, 2012
So, after Hooktail gives me his ship, I try to take it out to defeat the ships that had eluded me with the ship my parents left me, since they were too tough to defeat then.

Result: because none of the parts on my light skiff fit my medium skiff, I still could not defeat them.

So, I go looking for a parts vendor for a medium skiff.

The only one I could find for medium skiff parts was in Puerto Miko, and the parts available were slim. No special cannon shot, no masts. There appears to be NO ship or ship parts vendors in all of Monquista. No wonder Hooktail wanted to get rid of his ship.

So, I try defeating ships with what I can find. Still no good. My usual tactic at that point is to allow myself to be boarded and defeat their crew. Unfortunately, they blow me out of the water first.

Can't we get ONE ship and ship parts vendor in Monquista?

Oct 21, 2009
Ah, I see I am not the only one recognised this. I found it very hard to win a ship battle from monquista part on. Not only are their ships fully equipped, they also mob you whenever they can .

A ship part vendor in Puerto mico with usable equips fpr hooktails ship would be quite nice, indeed.


Apr 28, 2012
Tharek, there is a vendor in Puerto Mico that is for only Monquistan Skiffs (Hooktail's ship). He is on the second level. For Iron Cannons, you will have to go back to Flotsam