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Pirate101 Message Board Code of Conduct

If your account name is an email address you will be unable to post on our message boards. To protect your information, we cannot display your email address on our website. You are, of course, invited to read the message boards. To read the message boards, log out of the website and you will have full read access to all the Pirate101 Message Boards anonymously. Our message boards have been designed to allow players to exchange game information and experiences, and ask questions about the game.

To ensure all interactions are safe, we have a team of moderators overseeing all message board activity. They review, edit, and delete inappropriate messages so the message board discussions stay safe and on track.

Our message board review system was designed to filter inappropriate language, topics, and players’ personal information before messages are posted. We will remain diligent in these efforts to ensure the message boards remain constructive, fun, and safe for players of all ages.

Who can post?

Everyone is welcome to read our message boards, however only current paying Members can post new messages or answer existing messages.

Where's my message?

As you post on the message boards, you may notice a message telling you that these message boards are moderated. In order to keep this a safe, family friendly environment, we have decided to have fully moderated message boards. What this means is that your posts are not visible until they have been approved by one of our moderators.

Why didn't my post show up at all?

Posts are rejected for a variety of reasons, including but not limited to:

  • posting in the wrong board (why ask a MooShu question in Skull Island?)
  • inappropriate posts
  • posting negative rants with no constructive point
  • derogatory statements towards KingsIsle, our partners or other players
  • posting in ALL CAPS (including the Subject)
  • posting chain letters
  • posting or soliciting of personal information
  • posting or soliciting locations and ages
  • posting or soliciting game codes
  • links to unauthorized sites (here's a list of sites you can link to)
  • links to images or embedded images
  • 'hijacking' a thread (changing the subject)
  • making duplicate posts
  • posting hacks, cheats and bots
  • posting spoilers
  • name-calling and other general rude behavior
  • misrepresentation by the poster of having ‘insider’ knowledge
  • misrepresentation by the poster of being a KingsIsle employee

The publication of any message board post is completely at our discretion and we are not obligated to explain the reason your post was rejected or deleted. Player to player item trading are not and will not be a part of Pirate101.

While we are working as quickly as we can to be sure that we get your posts approved in less than 12 hours, please be aware that at times, we may experience a delay of up to 24 hours.

Why are NONE of my messages showing up?

If your username is an email address, or is inappropriate for these message boards, you may not be able to post.

Why was I banned?

We may ban accounts from posting on these message boards for repeated offenses listed above, or inappropriate usernames including usernames that are email addresses.

How can I find my post?

The only way you can keep track of a post you have made on the message boards is to check the option “Notify when a reply is posted” when you create the post.

By starting a new post or replying to an existing post, you agree that you understand and abide by this Code of Conduct. Violations may result in a permanent ban from both these message boards, and potentially from Pirate101.