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"The Guns of Marleybone" thoughts

Dread Pirate
Jun 13, 2011
Ahoy! I've some thoughts on doing maintenance to that quest. Listen.
  1. Upon nearing Beachhead, the following lines should be changed from dialogue text boxes to dialogue pop-ups: 1, The MooShu 5 as they all likely share the same line, "That's no spoon... it's a Sky Station.", 2, El Toro, "Look at the size of that thing!", & 3, Ratbeard, "Quit yer chatterin' - arm yerself for the fight to come!", 'cause in the Skyways, all dialogue lines should be dialogue pop-ups to prevent the mistakes of being drawn into broadside combat & such.
  2. Upon entering the Beachhead Docks, Ratbeard, the Presidio 5 & a couple o' Armada troops should appear in front o' them & the camera should focus on them when he says, "They're ready for us! I knew this was a terrible plan!".
  3. The Kraken Skulls 5 doesn't appear when they say their own lines, E.G., Emmett, "I say, that's quite a door. Locked tight, I expect.", & after Gracice Conrad says, "I can get it open." she doesn't use one of her critical hit moves to open the Central Core's doors, which should, before she says, "Come on, we've got a job to do!".
Well, those are the thoughts about doing maintenance to that quest now. Hope that gets done soon. Thanks!