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Problem getting "General's Capello".

Jan 15, 2011
I heard about Rooke's drops, and I was amazed at finding out he drops very useful ( And might I say stylish ) weapons and armor. But the one thing about him that got me psyched the most was his hat, "General's Capello". Oh no, there's no special stats or anything, but it's possibly the greatest designed and the most beautiful hat in the whole game IMO. So I was determined to earn it. In my first fight, I got something pretty awesome, "Generals Armatura". I thought "Hey, at this rate, maybe I can finish the whole set, his Capello, Armatura, and Axe. So I farmed for a bit. Turns out I farmed the whole day. And night. And next day. and Next night. I wasn't gonna give up easily! So I kept farming. I found out I farmed for almost 3 weeks! Even worse, I got his armor 3 TIMES! I don't need anymore, I need that capello now! I farmed him like 9 times a day, and still nothing! Even worse, his dungeon is VERY TEDIOUS, and gets very boring. He seems to not drop things enough, especially that Capello. I am getting furious about why he doesn't drop it, and I am probably resorting to giving up, which is very painful, because that hat is basically my last hope at being fabulous. So please, increase the drop of these items, or better yet, add the long needed Second Chance Chest he deserves! I checked Central to see if anyone has info about it, but there were no forum posts at all, only the wiki page. Is it that rare, or is the drop that low?

TL:DR: I want this hat, and it's hard to get, Rooke wont drop it, Tried too many times, Needs second chance chest or increased drop rate.

Jun 30, 2013
I don't think that there's much you can except keep farming, sadly enough. You either get lucky, or you don't. A second chance chest does sound fantastic though. Bishop gets one, so why can't Rooke?

Dec 08, 2008
I'm fighting a very similar problem with him. I have gotten his hat(General's Capello) 3 times now, but no armor. I farmed him for about 3 weeks after I got my witchdoctor and musketeer to lvl 65, as a result I lvl'ed up ALL my companions on witch to lvl 65, having almost 2 pages of them, and musketeer will soon be there too.

Yesterday I came back to farm him after taking a break of a few days. I promised to myself I would only start my Buccaneer after I get his hat and armor(weapon would be nice too, but that can wait).Many people have told me his drop rate is not bad, but it seems people who's actually farming him are not being so lucky.

So, I really think something must be done. Why not add a Second Chance Chest? I'm desperately hoping we get one in the next Test, I really wouldn't mind spending ton of Crowns for his unique items, even if I get only Gold most of time.

Another possible solution would be increase the drop rate based on the amount of players, one of the things I hate the most about farming here is that teaming up only makes the battles longer, it's faster to do it alone so more effective than to bring friends.

I can't really find a reason to why Rooke doesn't have a chest yet, so please consider the addition of it in the near future.


Pirate Overlord
Mar 10, 2009
I feel your pain, I would love his stuff too but I know it will be a massive undertaking to pull it off. A friend of mine has his whole outfit but he says he has done the dungeon over 100 times to get it. . A second chance chest really would give those fashion conscious of us a life back.