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Meowarty and the future

Dec 22, 2012
If Meowarty ever escapes and brews some kind of evil super villanous plan, could we stop him and get some good drop like an awesome musketeer weapon for once. Or at least something ultra rare

Jul 07, 2013
It could be like cat woman clothes for women and cat burglar clothes for men. Or a cool weapon like cats claws or even a cat pet or something. It would be cat-a-strophic!

Virtuous Dante Ramsey

Jun 23, 2012
If he escapes I'm calling in Scarlet Nightdreamer. (A murmur of agreement comes from Scarlet, Alura and Angel.)

In all seriousness though, if he did escape I think pirates would have to have help from the wizards. After all, it was hard enough catching him in Wizard101. (After a chase through the streets of Marleybone you finally corner him on the 13th*?* floor of Big Ben. He still puts up a fight before giving in.) And that's with wizards. I'm not implying that Freeman isn't smart here, but I have a feeling that she alone wouldn't be able to outwit Meowiarty, much less beat him in a fight.

If this did happen though, I'd be pretty happy to see how it would resolve itself. Keep the good ideas coming KI!

Mar 24, 2013
If Meowarty escape from his dungeon cell this character will make things interesting. If he is a 2nd Arch boss,assuming Kane is the 1st Arch boss this will change the way our pirates adventuring the sky-ways forever.

On the flip side of the storyline he could be the Armada's ultimate boss,before challenging Kane this could get really sticky,either way Meowarty will be a boss to be reckon with, a very though boss in other words.

Aug 08, 2012