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Kinda disappointed in Marleybone

Aug 21, 2010
I guess I was expecting to actually run around the city of Marleybone, but instead all I get is to see it from afar with its big clock tower and all. :( are you planning on making that city (that we can see from the skyway with the big clock tower) accessible? I know it does not have to be exactly like Marleybone of wizard101, but I have not seen one island in the Westminster skyway that is actually called Marleybone.
comments anyone?

May 21, 2009
Sorry to here you're disappointed, but they can't mix Wizard101 and Pirate101 locations.

'Marleybone' = the world of Marleybone. Wizard's Marleybone is revealed in the game as just 'Marleybone City'.

Aug 01, 2012
so did i but it's the same thing as dragonspyhre. In pirate 101 it's avernus skyway but you can see a little bit of dragonsphyre from wizard101. But in wizard101 you only walk around through the island but you don't see any skyway so i really didn't expect it.