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"Covering Tracks" maintenance thoughts

Dread Pirate
Jun 13, 2011
Ahoy! I have some thoughts on doing the quests' maintenance. Hear this.

1. While talking to Mr. Smiley, the cutscene camera should focus on him while he says his lines, "It's come to our attention you've travelled in Cool Ranch. There's a matter of... some sensitivity there that needs seeing to. If your interested.", & "Valencian Steel? Interesting.".

2. Once accepting the quest to those who completed "Evans to Murgatroyd", Bonnie Anne should appear while she says her extra dialogue line, "Evans? We've met him, Captain! He's the bloke that was collecting pieces of that train. What's Special Branch want with him?", & the camera should focus on her while saying her extra dialogue line to those that have completed that quest.

3. While talking to Professor Murgatroyd, the cutscene camera should focus on him while he says his lines, "You'll not get the drop on me a second time! This hill is wired to exp- Oh, I beg your pardon. I thought you were somebody else." & "You managed to find my samples? Good show! Let me see - ah, the catalyzation is finally finished! I should be able to identify...".

4. El Toro & Bonnie Anne should appear during the 1st conversation with Murgatroyd & the camera should focus on him as he says his line, "Axton? Could it be? Yes! I know this name!", & on to Bonnie Anne while saying her line, "And they don't - if we hurry, we'll beat them there! Let's go!", & Bonnie Anne & Gracie Conrad should also appear in the 2nd conversation with him, & the camera should focus on Bonnie Anne while saying her line, "Why the devil would a Marleybonian foundry make a locomotive out of Valencian steel?", & on Gracie Conrad while saying her line, "I don't know - but I'll wager Special Branch is keen to find out! Let's go tell Mr. Smiley.".

5. While talking to Mr. Evans, the camera should focus on him while he says his line, "Smiley you say? I'm afraid I don't know anyone of that name. Sorry, and good day.".

Those are the thoughts on doing maintenance to that quest. Hope that gets done soon. Thanks!