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Jan 11, 2013
What did you guys think of thr good and cool machines the kinsisle create there was a angel armada and monster armada

Apr 19, 2012
Aye matie they did a great job all the way around. Rooke calling in the Battle Angel air strikes during his battle was really cool. Marleybone will be very hard to top.

Wicked Erin, Professor of Quantum Physics and Swashbuckling in the Modern Age

Petty Officer
Jun 09, 2009
I think it's actually really cool to see battle angels and face unknown challenges. When I first saw them in the dungeon in Port Regal, I thought they were quite cool to see. Then, when I saw them again in the Beach, I thought they were quite easy. They look really tough though *-*

Gunner's Mate
Sep 29, 2012
im sure in the future the armada will get even more impressive ! battle angles was epic!

Petty Officer
Jun 28, 2011
oh yeah the Battle Angles, and the Armada Dragoons were amazing! i actually had an idea of 3 more clockworks

Armada Wizards:(Witchdoctor) a smaller more vile version of Bishop. they have the same mask Bishop has but they have a pointy topped wizard's hat, and their decorations are more yellow. You first encounter them at the giant machine(at the center of Aragon Skyway in Valencia) along with Bishop.

Royal Knights:(Privateer) armada elites that have a white mask, a knight's helmet, and a knight's armor. And they are small armada troops almost the same size as your pirate. You encounter them when you make it to Krokotopia in an ancient tomb the Armada are exivating.

Armada Mutineers:(Buccaneer): these are large and round armada elites with a royal shirt of the armada symbol on it wearing gauntlets, and metal shoes. You encounter them in Cadiz in the center of Cadiz near Kane's castle.

Petty Officer
Sep 23, 2012
Battle angels: swashbuckler class armada soldiers with wings. located in beachhead.

Dragoons: big buff armada soldiers with huge swords and big guns the size of cannons. located in the isle of fetch.