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Albion in marleybone

May 19, 2013
Are we ever going to go to Albion? I want to go since Bonnie Anne is from it and she sort of sounds Irish so I want to go!!!

Jan 01, 2013
Probley. But not to soon. i'm in akwaulu now so don't get your hopes up.

Nov 09, 2012
I think so, at least at some point in the future!
See ya in the Spiral!:
Tireless Blake West- Level 65 waiting for Book 15
Loyal Zachary Ramsey- Level 58 In Illios, Aquila
Fine Matthew Collins- Level 52 Trying to get to Marleybone
Jacob West- Level 32 In Tumbleweed, Cool Ranch
Toby Collins- Level 21 In Santo Pollo, Cool Ranch