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Why does everyone say...

Gunner's Mate
Apr 01, 2013
That Monterey Jack is a hard boss? I took him down in only a few minutes on my first try.

Oct 27, 2009
Maybe they were at a lower level than you were when they fought him. Some people skip side quests and without the xp, don't level as fast. Perhaps you made better choices when you picked talents and abilities for your crew. Maybe they were not as lucky with their gear drops or aren't wearing clothes that best enhance their type of pirate. Some captains make better use of their crews and learn fast how to best use their talents. If they didn't train a heal from the Commodore, don't wear any gear with a heal, and don't use Bonnie to heal for them it could be hard too. There are so many reasons it could be.

Community Leader
Well, I definately wouldnt say everyone says he was hard.
Hard for me to put such questions in perspective, who is everyone? ;)

Some parts of the game have been harder than others, some of it harder than I would like.
But none of it actually "hard".

Some differences are often due to classes. Some classes will have a more difficult time than others in certain battles.

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