Weird Glitch in Miranda

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I'm at the point where I have to fight my way to the docks and defeat Bosun Gaunt.

The problem is, I've fought the same group about eight times now, and while Bosun Gaunt appears at the front of the group each time, he's NOT appearing in the battle. So, no matter how many times I fight this fight, I can't move on.

I'm going to try doing a side thing first and see if that clears things up. If it doesn't, then I'll have to do the whole instance over again.

ETA: Okay, a friend who had already done the instance ported to me, hoping to jog the glitch. It didn't. What it did do was inadvertently cause another glitch. We went different ways, me into the saloon and he got dragged into a fight. What happened then was super weird: I froze in the saloon and also appeared in his battle. To correct this, I finally had to log out to the character screen and log back in again, when I got back and his fight ended, the glitch had been reset, I finally got credit for killing Bosun Gaunt, and the instance moved on.

Oct 20, 2008
The bug here is how you encounter Bosun Gaunt. After talking to Pickman in his mill/cabin, when you leave his cabin you have to take a right turn and cross the water over the stones lying there. Then Bosun will give you his welcome speech (Hi, nice boots you got there. Can i interest you in a matching hat? Ok, so i forgot what he says).
Then you can fight him and get credit for the fight.

If, however, after leaving the cabin you keep going forward too far, then cross the water and run into the fight, Bosun won't give his speech and the fight doesn't count towards the goal. To make things worse, after such a fight you're right in front of him after he respawns so you can fight him again, but since he still didn't give his speech, this fight wont count either. This keeps going on until you finally go back and walk the stones.

To see the bug in action: pretty easy, after Pickman gives you the quest leave his cabin and keep going till you're in front of the saloon. Then go to Bosun and fight, the battle wont count.

If people just follow the quest arrow there's no problem. But if you leave the cabin and you notice your health is low, you will keep running to grab some yum - and then run into the fight. But that way you don't activate the little speech and you get stuck in the uncredited fight loop.

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You know what, I'm not sure if that's what I did. The Bosun fight was the second of three, right? So, I thinkI just ran up the street from one fight to the next. Hmm...

Thank you both for your description of the glitch! Our QA was able to reproduce this error and we'll do our best to get that fixed. Thanks!

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