Waco Kid..bug or insanely unbalanced?

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Sep 18, 2009
I was battling the Waco Kid in the tavern in Tumbleweed. He isn't overly hard with regular attacks. But with his 4 shot critical hit, he gets the chance for a burst fire attack for every shot of his critical hit. He hit one of my characters with his critical, followed by 4 Burst Fires. Then when my character tried to shoot him, he got his critical on the Quick Draw attack, and 3 of those gave him a burst fire. That equates to 13 shots on one character before they hit him once. And close to 900 damage. Since burst fire does not work that way for the players or companions, is it supposed to be working that way for him?

Jan 15, 2011
This happened before in my first fight with Johnny Ringo, he decided to attack Kan Po, and he burst fired many times and he K.O'd him in one turn. This never happened again however. I think this is probably a bug of some sort.

Apr 26, 2009
The waco kid has burst fire rank 2. This means he has a chance for 3 extra attacks, which can equal to 4 attacks. He only has a 35% chance to have an extra attack, so you got extremely unlucky.

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Sep 19, 2010
Nah its not bugged thats his firing rate he has a greater than 35% chance to proc burst fire unlike PC'swe only get the 35% chance to burst fire. I had same issue with him he burst fired a bunch on my companions but luckily for me i had mostly swashbuckler companions and they dodged at the right times and after a successful dodge he stops his BF and turn over. He is one of the tougher battles but easily disposed of. Best advice kill him as fast as possible before you lose any companions and then proceed with the rest of his buddies. PS dont use ranged on him so he doesnt get the chance to use his quick fire ability use ranged on all the others and use striclty melee on him. Good luck!