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update to earlier message about temple trogg

Sep 25, 2012
ok, we tried 7 fights last night before we got so disgusted we left skurvy island and went to scimshaws tavern for a cold soda pick me up. there were 3 of us trying for the troggies warriors and ven the RARE time one did show, we were NOT getting any credit. I just returned this morning and have been talking to others with the same problem. I checked in several realms and not one warrior was showing .
I decided to post here. Now i have been playing with KI since June 2009 and have multiple accounts for my grandson and myself.
Something has change in past few weeks, my friends, now in mooshu, did not have this problem it seems.
I dont mind fighting eight times to get the 8 warrior credits but i do mind fighting 7 times so far nd have nothing and i change realms even to to try and find then when the arrow insists they are there!
As far as I can tell I have finished every quest except the side quest for Rooster Cogburn so that means I am stuck! I cannot proceed in the game till something happens with these dang troggies!
Please if we are all doing something wrong could you let us know? I have spoken with like 10 people last night and today and we all have the same complaint! There are no troggie warriors showing up and when they do we not get credit!
Thank you from the BC girls

Sep 25, 2012
ok i went back after posting my earlier message about the temple troggie warriors, ok here's what happened, 2 fights in a row i had a warrior with the chief and i started battle, both times i defeated all enemies and again no credit, the next 2 times there was a warrior with the chief but when battle started they disappeared and a different troggie appeared, so now i have 12 battles and still no credit towards the 5 we need. i just finished rooster cogburn's quest and now i definitely can not move onward. PLease, normally I do not complain but this has really disheartened me. I guess for now I will have to play with my young musketeer at least she wont need this for a long time .
thanks again the bc pirates

Petty Officer
Sep 19, 2010
I can help ye pirate. I just did this the other night i got 1 warrior in 10 battles you get no credit for the ones with the chief battle they have to be the ones moving in the halls.. Mostly if you grab the shamans you get 1 warrior and mostly none i fled every battle until i got warriors the life fountain is close by and its an easy run back so try that if that still doesnt work i moved realms cause i had several occasions where there were no troggies up at all in the halls and only the lizard looking guys that shoot rays out of there eyes..Eventually you will get all 5 warriors done keep at it and dont give up. Have fun and flee until you get the warriors it will save you a ton of time.