Red Sash Ships!

Oct 08, 2008
This is my second time through cool ranch. My main complaint is the Red Sash ships. How many times do you have to fight to get what you need? I've defeated 5 ships and still can't get the information. I can understand every so often you may not get some thing..but 5 times? There is a bit unnecessary. I've noticed this a little on skull Island ship battles but it has improved. I had hoped some others would have mentioned about the red sash ships and it would have been more enjoyable the second time around.
You have to concede that so many ship battles, one after another, does get monotonous. Our goal is to continue the story line to see where it leads us. That is difficult when the game prevents you from achieving your goal.
I love the concept of this game but for me it loses it enjoyable simplicity that Wizards had offered.

Pirate Overlord
Mar 10, 2009
Each ship you sink isn't a total loss. You are gaining nautical xp as you o this. Many people complain that they have to do nautical farming so they can get the next ship they want, well this is a way for to get more nautical experience so you won't have to farm for it as much.

Dec 31, 2012
Some of the drop rates can be a bit outrageous and fighting a lengthy deck battle only to see "Did not get ..... Try Again." can be discouraging.

I only board enemy vessels if I am short on gold. Otherwise I am content to blow enemy ships out of the sky and take my chances on getting what I need from the salvage drop.

At least I can score on the occasional upgraded equipment drop for my ship.

Aug 08, 2012