quests with tons of chests

Jan 22, 2013
if your able to go to tumble weed, go to the tavern there and you will see a peacock by the cellar door. go talk to him and do his quests. once you get to the one called "now accepting donations" (right when i heard the quest name i new something was up) you have to go to the bank to pick up him and hucks "savings" to "save" his hucks sister. after you do that and a couple other things you have to go to the mine in the vortex. when you have to go to the inside of the blocked off area (i suggest you bring a friend, cause it was hard for me and im lvl 45 and my companions were over lvl 40) you have to fight a bunch of banditoads. but every time you kill one 2 come to replace him. you have to survive for 15 or 17 rounds from what i remember BUT if you win a TON of chests come and im not talking like 5 or ten i mean like 30 and i soloed it. it took me a full minute (thats allot by the way) to pick them all up. it offered decent gold and drops but for a full party it will have allot. i got that many because i killed allot of them so if you want allot do that.
what you need
1 good defense and armor, they have good attacks (the frogs and salamanders, new type of salamanders to)
2 good health, lots of them if you plan on killing them
3 high lvl companions, they will die fast if under lvl (dont get to choose)
4 up to date cloths and weapons, need to have the best cloths for your class and good weapons to hit
5 make sure same with friends, there will probably be more to start with
6 remember you dont have to fight the 2 who give you the quests, they give up once you win
-jack nightgale lvl 45 duke of Hannibal

Pirate Overlord
Mar 10, 2009
Yea I agree that dungeon does pay well, the trick is to survive the trauma of the quest. With them adding bad guys to shoot at you every round I kept getting knocked out at the last half of the last round. Very frustrating. You are rewarded appropriately for the frustration of numerous visits to the nearest fountain . I guess to me, I finally survived (barely) and just don't think it would be fun to keep subjecting myself to the remembered nightmare of doing it when I was younger and weaker.