Questing Help

Gunner's Mate
Apr 13, 2010
Hey all, I finally got through Tumbleweed and got my Mag 7 companion (Billy the Kid). So now I'm in Haunted Sky way, and to be honest I am actually a little scared. (Great job, designers! Not sarcasm.) Since I figured I was close to that bull themed Zorro, (whoever Zorro is), I wanted to gain a few levels. Plus, I'm on that 12 ships quest. (Always pops up in every sky way. In Big Sky there was a quest where you had to defeat 24!) So I was wondering if anyone would not only help with the ships, but help with some sky snakes. P.S. When we do a ship, I'd like to board it, please. I have a side quest that requires to board.

If anyone can help, just post! We can work out a time and day, plus I'm on my second winter break. A whole week off! I needed it! If it helps, I'm on the Eastern time zone. Thanks!
-George Gordon, lvl 37