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need nautical,why complain about ship quests?

Sep 25, 2012
I have just read several complaints about ship quests, and how many ships you need to get. Well even doing evey quest is NOT going to raise your nautical to where you want to be to have good equipment! We , my friends and others who join us, spend what amounts to several extra hours play time just to raise the nautical. My swashbuckler is in mooshu, she is level 50 and also nautical 50, my privateer is level 28 and nautical 29!
Some times there are 4-5 people hitting ships and wow do we sink them fast, then spin to the next target!
Often times one of us will yell out, Take a Breather! Ship fighting can get addictive!
In wizard I hated low level wizards porting in and messing up a battle. But in ship fights, I feel differently.
But remember fellow Pirates, sooner or later , if you want decent ships and gear, you will need all the ships you can get! If you plan on moving to the next world when it is available, get ready now!
Brecken Clegg and Brecken Cog