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Motherlode Mine Guide :)

Feb 29, 2012
Hello my good friends, have some triple chocolate cupcakes- a white chocolate frosting over a milk chocolate cupcake, drizzled with three different chocolate syrups, white, dark, and milk, with a dark chocolate truffle in the middle. It's a favorite of yours truly. :)

Today, I got to Mooshu. I soloed over half of Cool Ranch, including Miranda and Motherlode Mine. I just figured I'd make a little guide to it to help those having trouble or going in for their first time.

1. Be sure to bring in a couple mojo potions if you're going with or without friends- if you die, you can revive your companions and self.
2. I'd recommend promoting all companions that can be at this time- Old Scratch, Bonnie Anne, Ratbeard, Bison (shamans, etc.), etc.
3. It's a good idea to train in Privateer a little, and have ranged attacks or ones that go across the battle board to get straight to Deacon.
4. When you reach Deacon, the companion selection shows up- I'd recommend choosing Bonnie Anne, El Toro, and your starter companion. Old Scratch is also a decent selection here, if he has enough accuracy for your tastes.
5. Go around either way- or do an easier way, take you and your first mate up one way, and the other two companions the other.
6. If you brought ranged or across the battle board attacks, use them to get to Deacon faster once clearing up some clockworks.
7. Make a path to reach Deacon, but be careful for Armada troops- which is why Witchdoctor and Musketeer attacks are good to keep on hand, especially Witchdoctor.
8. Send your companions as close as required to hit Deacon, and use heals when necessary.
9. Finish him off in a few rounds using as many epics as possible.

That's my strategy- I'm just putting it out there for y'all. :)


Gunner's Mate
Jul 03, 2011
Thank you for this!!! This helped me complete Motherlode Mine. I had to try 3 times but I finally did it!!! Of course, I had a level 65 helping me so I have to give him SOME of the credit. I also soloed most of Cool Ranch. If I may, I'd like to add a tip about Motherlode Mine. Witchdoctor and Musketeer companions are always a good way to go since they can attack from further away. So even if Deacons guards are in front of him, you can still attack. I also recommend using El Toro. I also found it very helpful to use the cannons that shoot out the spike things. El Toro just kept shooting the cannon every single round. But the spikes really do lower their health quickly.

Rachel - Level 38