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More Epic Gear?

First Mate
Nov 01, 2012
Hey guys. I was getting somewhat tired of the swashbuckler fighting style(not that there is anything wrong with it), so I created a musketeer. He just took down the red sash gang and Johnny Ringo dropped his gun. It wasn't particularly powerful, but it came with the overwatch epic. That got me thinking. I haven't seen very much gear that gives epics that isn't from the crown shop or bundles. I think this type of gear should still be a rarity, but just more common. What do you think? agree? disagree? I would like to hear all your comments Developers, community leaders, and message board members.

Fearless Finnagan lvl 56

Gruesome Griffin lvl 25

Jun 27, 2014
in flotsam where bobby bones is he drops to weapons that have repel borders

i agree they are rare

Mar 24, 2013
Try framing Finn's Weapon and it's a great and rear weapon.

Any of the location that he appeared in, good luck obtaining it.