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Main quest disappeared for me and others

Mar 13, 2013
Different quests have disappeared for others and I was affected as well. The quest with the Castillo Sapo dungeon disappeared for me at the end when Santa Rana finished talking. I seen a walkthrough on YouTube where you need to talk to El Toro when Santa Rana finishes talking and defeat Santa Rana at Santa Pollo, but it disappeared. When I replay the dungeon, the quest reappears, But at the end, it disappears. I'm worried that I will not be able to advance in the game. I tried many things thinking that the quest will be finished. If there is a solution, please get back to me. Thank you

Apr 28, 2012
Best way to solve the problem is to contact support by e-mail at Make sure you use the e-mail account that you used to set up the Pirate101 account because that is the one they will reply to and I think you need to include your account name but not your password. Depending on how busy they are, it could take up to 48 hours (or maybe a little more) for them to respond to you.

Good Luck!