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It's just too much

Sep 18, 2010
In cool ranch why do we have to fight 10-12 ships?
Thats way too much. when i try to defeat a black storm raider it takes me about 3-4 mins.
But when i have to fight that many ships, it gets boring fast and easily.
That is gonna take up about 10-13 minutes in total.
Ya'll should lower it down all of us can't handle it.
Comment if you think they should lower it down to 4-5 ships!

Petty Officer
Mar 29, 2012
you are right, it is too much.
i get also bored after 5-6 ships, then i do some other side-quests and come back later.
if it was 1 or 2 quests i dont make a problem of it, but there ar allot of that quests.
they really need too put that a little bit down.

Blaze Carter, level 36
Blaze Carter, level 13
Blaze Carter, level 8

Dec 21, 2008
it is too much but i dont think they can do any thing about it now the game guest line is already out there but for the next expansion they sould take it esay

Aug 26, 2012
Meh. I don't really mind 'em. I mean, yes it may be boring, but it gives you XP and Nautical XP, which is good.