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Help Wanted: Miranda Dungeon (Captain Blood)

Jul 19, 2010
I'd very much like help from people who are going to do this quest or people who are high leveled and has already done this quest. If you can help me I'll be your best friend. If you ask why not solo it, it's because I'm lonely and I don't think a lone musketeer could do it. My friend code is: WWYYZH35

Petty Officer
Sep 19, 2010
Unfortunately friend codes are only good for 24 hours after that they are usless. Youll need to try and recruit help while in the zone and at the miranda dungeon site or enlist friends you alreayd have. Sometimes you just need to sit there for a few hours until someone comes along and join them as they enter. If that doesnt help then try it at worst you lose and have to start over youll be able to complete most of it i bet and get good at it eventually. If anything you learned your better than you think you are. Have faith pirate you can do it!!