HELP! Peacemaker quest for Swashbucklers only

Jul 21, 2009
After I defeated Curly Bill in his cave in Junction (Arroyo Grande) I left the cave without speaking to Sam Colt first and completing that part of the quest. So, now, since I left the cave, I can't get back inside to talk to Sam Colt because it had those circles on the ground to enter the cave but they're not there anymore. Can anyone help, is there a way to get back inside somehow

Jul 29, 2012
The sigils (circles) are totally gone or just not glowing? If gone, try logging out and back in. Thats the only suggestion I can think of.

Jul 21, 2009
They're completely gone. I've logged out and back in multiple times but nothing has changed. The only thing i can think of if porting to a friend who's in the cave but I don't have any friends who are going to have this quest at anytime.

Sounds like you might be in a bad quest state unfortunately. You'll want to contact if this problem persists. When you contact them, please provide as much detail as possible:

1. Confirm username (which account are you playing)
2. What area were you trying to access when this happened?
3. What time (approximately) was it?
4. Please attach game logs for further review (see below for more instructions).
5. Are you still having this trouble? If not, what occurred?

Instructions for sending game logs:
Use your email service to add an attachment. Drill down to the Pirate101 Folder then to the Bin Folder and the Log Folder then select "Captain_XXX.Log" (the highest numbered one or the most recently dated). Then just hit send!

If this is too large for your email server to attach or send, then open the game folder, go to the the bin folder again and locate the Captain.log. Right click on the log file and select Save as Zip (or similar wording - will vary depending on your specific operating system). Then, go back to your email and attach the newly zipped file.

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Aug 07, 2010
I am having hard time locating Curly Bill's Cave.......Can some one help me please????