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Getting into Solitude

May 02, 2010
Well I was trying to complete the "Dixie Chicks" quest,but when it said i needed one more,I checked out it was in Solitude which I haven't heard of.Is there any Side quests to go into Solitude I really want to go get that last chick so I can complete my quest.

Dead-Eye Blain Level 39

Jul 23, 2010
there is a side quest in tumbleweed given by Dan Drake he is standing under a tree to the left as you enter the town. The quest chain he gives will lead you to Solitude.

Jun 17, 2010
I think there is another quest that leads into Solitude as I have done the Dan Drake quest line and I can't find the Dixie Chick as it is labeled to be in the Deserted Wagon Train, it certainly isn't in the mine where you find the treasure. I was thinking it might be in the crashed ship that is on the island but there is no access into it.