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cool ranch dixie chicks

May 01, 2010
hello fellow pirates. I am having a bit of trouble trying to get the last two Dixie chicks. the one in the motherlode mine in the haunted skyway and the one in the tumbleweed skyway for solitude. I cant get into either and I want to know what quest get me into each and where to find these quest. they are not part of the main storyline that I know of unless I missed something. thanks for your help.

First Mate
May 01, 2012
To get to the Motherlode Mine in the Haunted Skyway, you need to finish Miranda by beating Captain Blood and defeating some Ghost Ships (main story line). If you've already done this, go straight to the Motherlode Mine and search the Mine. This does mean you must have permission to access the Haunted Skyway which is one of the main quest lines.

Solitude is part of the Legend of Burly's Gold quest which you get by talking to Dan Drake in Tumbleweed. Go to Solitude and fight Squinty. At that point, you can find the Dixie Chick - just search the area. If you haven't completed the quest yet, you'll have to fight Dan Drake also.

Sep 17, 2011
The Motherload Mine Dixie Chick is found in the last dungeon of Cool Ranch. I don't remember the exact directions, but you need to go through one of the side tunnels that branch off from the main tunnel you go through. I'm pretty sure the chick is hidden in a corner or behind a rock.

The Solitude Dixie Chick is in a dungeon that is part of a side quest. You need to take the side quest from Dan Drake, and follow the string of side quests that come. (At least I think it's a string of quests.) You will get access to the Solitude dungeon. The Dixie Chick is behind the biggest rock, if my memory serves right.

I hope this helped.

~Quick Pearl