bumbaloon guide

Jan 22, 2013
heres some things you should know
1 get friends
2 dont solo but if you do get henchmen
3 get a big ship if you want people to join, skull island galleon should do (can get in scrimshaw port)
4 lvl up companions and do all there promotion quests.
5 if no one is around switch to a busy server.
6 get up to date gear that has good bonuses and meets your needs
7 weapons: get weapons with high attack, bonuses (or bonus) and one that your class should have ex gun for
8 you need chili cheese fry's, they love that stuff. that will help draw them near you
9 try to get four people. a little known fact is (happend to me once no lie) the more people you have the more likely chance you will get more than one bumbaloon. BUM BUM BUMMMM
10 its good to know that if you slice or stab them and they die you cut them and if you shoot them they just blew up (Rest In Pieces bumbaloon love a ) and if that happens try to think of the bumbaloon with a shocked face with big bulgy eyes exploding like the death star. (maybe with your pirate ship flying away just before it explodes)
-jack nightgale lvl 45