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Battle that almost left me in tears

Nov 17, 2012
I FEEL SO BAD FOR ALL OF YOU! I aced all of those solo and the only hard one in the Haunted Skyway was the battle with Deacon and I had to get help from my level forty-three friend. I SERIOUSLY FEEL BAD FOR ALL OF YOUIt's making me cry! (not really but it would normally). I wish all of you people stuck on the second piece of Marco Pollo's map the best of luck!

Smart Horace Reade

Community Leader
Its threads like these that really make a pirate sit back and realize how "dynamic" this game is.

How many different experiences can be encountered.

I have done Miranda at least 12 times and never once lost a battle.
I have done it on all pirate classes. I have done it solo, and I have done it with a group.

I dont question the OP regarding their experience, I sympathize. Just makes me wonder what each player does so differently to have such different experiences.

One of the first things I used to think is that they may not be keeping their companion training up, but I myself generally do not train a companion until my pirate is 9 levels above them (resulting in 3 levels per training tome). Maybe its (partially) in how the companions are being trained/used.

However then I see it followed up with asking for help with the ghost ships, and well. Hope this pirate found help, but I never have a problem with those either.

I dont think i am some real excellent pirate or anything, just makes me think, and I wonder why such a huge variance in experiences....

Peace and Happy Pirating all.
Silent Sam Stern - Level 65 Witchdoctor
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Aug 08, 2012
I defeated Captain Blood on my first try, when I defeated him Bonnie Anne was the only one alive and she was in red. It was a close call!

Nov 23, 2012
RachelTheWitchdoct... on Aug 2, 2013 wrote:
I know what you mean. That battle was hard for me too. Two of my companions died and Bonnie Anne and I made it out with barely any health. The best advice I can give you (though you may have completed this already) is to use two musketeer companions or two witchdoctor companions (I recommend musketeer though - their accuracy tends to be a bit better) or one of each. For your third companion, use El Toro. I also recommend equipping a pet because if the pet gets put into the battle, (I know this sounds kind of mean) the enemies might focus their attacks on it instead of you. Also, if your using a witchdoctor companion, use Old Scratch and have him summon a skeletal pirate as this will also take the focus off of you (hopefully). And, just keep attacking Captain Blood. If all else fails, ask a higher level to help you out. Hope this helps!

Rachel - Level 38
im not up to this yet but I will say that if your alike me you have low threat epics and have high threat epics

Feb 26, 2013
CheeryCherry1234 on Aug 1, 2013 wrote:
I got to Captain Blood in Miranda. He is so hard to defeat. I have tried to beat him about 5 times and failed ALL of my attempts. This is serious and severely tragic. The people who I pick are El Toro (every fight since he deals the most damage) and a few others. But the main problem is when the 2 extra skeleton pop up in the middle of a fight, making it even HARDER to win. I was off with them all yellow and my companions all on low green but they popped up (Undead Hougan and Skeletal Corsair) and took us all out. Tried every strategy I could think of. Get Blood first. Get henchmen first. Power up first. Pick companions with most damage. They all failed. I can't even go to Mooshu because of this!

Pretty Cheryl Walker level 35
in my offence do some quests first I was a lvl 39 pirate and I passed it and no companions lost so if I were u just do some quests and be at least a lvl 38 then try it again or train ur companians

Jun 02, 2013
I usually think that I just used my ranged spells and win but this made me think twice

Gunner's Mate
May 08, 2010
I soloed this with no sweat with my witchdoctor and musketeer you know on the first time in old scratch ( in flotsam) how he spawned in minions on the 3rd round I think. well theres a witchdoctor that does that and if you kill him you wont have to go throw like 4 more mobs and having el toro with insane hit and dodge with riposte is so easy for me also the red fires hurt you

Two faced terry cog Level 65
Victirous henry fluke level 57
Strong tyler Roberts level 25

Gunner's Mate
May 08, 2010
Witch Docters Inc on Aug 14, 2013 wrote:
Im a guy, and I almost started crying after losing 8 times in the last battle of the City Drains! I cant beat the last round of mokeys, they always have more soilders than I do, (My Compaians!) I'm a Lvl13 Withdocter. And not even my most powerful spell can get a monkeys life into 50%. Any Tips?

Dark Blaze Everhart
If your level 13 get kan po to that level then promote him