Why can't the PvP Colossus Pets make new pets?

Sep 13, 2009
I've gotten a few of the colors of the Fall PvP pets, and no matter how you morph them, its impossible to get the original color colossus back. When I morph my Colossus Hero, I only get generic "Colossus" or the other parent pet as a result. This is very disappointing because I worked very hard throughout the season to get the rank for some of these pets; despite this, I can barely use them since I can't fix their talent and epic pools through morphing.

I'm still able to get new pets from all the previous PvP pets like Crockogators, Fennec Foxes, Hoggles etc. This means the change only happened this season for some reason and only affects the colossus pets.

Can we get an explanation for why this functionality was removed from only the Colossus PvP line of pets? This change only further removes motivation for me to Rank PvP again.

Trying something new there. This makes the colors a prestigious item, but the basic one can have the different talents, powers or pedigree.

I have to spice things up every once in a while.