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Which hybrid Should I choose

May 24, 2016
Recently I have been farming Gortez and the 'Old Jailhouse' in an attempt to get the Firetoad and the Armadillo verde pets. I am doing this because i a) want these pets and b) want some of their hybrids. The hybrids i want are the Bullrog and the Salsadillo. I have tens of attempts on each dungeon and seem to be getting nowhere, i want to focus mu time of farming one of these dungeons, but with with the ultimate objective being the hybrids i am unsure which one to farm first, which of the hybrids stats are better and which of the talents and epic powers work well with a witchdoctor and his three musketeers(Dan Drake, Skyfire and Rooster Cogburn.) Any help in this matter would be greatly appreciated.

~Silent Victor Jones, Level-37

Petty Officer
Nov 22, 2010
IMO do all your pet farming and just gear farming too done when you are max level. It will be much quicker and you don't really need a good pet to get through the storyline. But if you want one now, go for the fire toad.

Pirate Overlord
Mar 16, 2012
Go to the morphing tent and ask for help in gaining any of these pets or hybrids, you'll also be gaining some talents/power grants from players willing to morph with you - or ask your friends if they have these pets and are they willing to morph - this is easier than endless farming.

Gunner's Mate
Sep 07, 2014
OR - you could simply ask (politely) to morph with someone in the morphing tent for the frog or the armadillo

Nov 23, 2011
Fire toads are very common if you hang out at the morphing tent. Probably quicker to morph with someone than to hunt for a first gen of your own. I don't see the 'dillos as often, but I with some patience I imagine you can morph one of those with the aid of another pirate.


Sep 17, 2012
I hang out in Avery court all the time. If you find me there i will morph that pet or any other pet i have with you.