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What is your favorite Pet Snack?

Jan 28, 2014
I had this random question to ask all of you. What is your favorite Pet Snack? Mine would have to be the "El Doreeto", a Golden Tortilla Chip, most likely based on my favorite snack IRL, Doritos. Not only is this snack from El Dorado, it is a guaranteed Loved snack, no matter what. This makes this snack the best snack you can get. Some snacks are kind of funny, like the "Kim'choo", which is probably based on Kimchi.

Speaking of which, is there snacks you can only get from the Crown Shop, or are all snacks gained from Pet Wrangling/Enemy Drops?

Apr 28, 2012
Most of the ones I've gotten from Pet Wranglin' have been primarily the ordinary snacks from Skull Island and Monquista. Of course, I think the level of the Companion affects what Pet snacks you are able to get. I started a new Pirate so all my Companions are a relatively low level (less than 20 at the moment. Most of my upper level snacks come from the Crown Shop in the lower cost Pet Snacks.