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What are the chances of morphing up hybrids?

Dread Pirate
Jun 13, 2011
I tried to morph some of my pets on my own to uncover the discovered hybrids, yet, so far, I have nothing but duplicates, other than the blue Ostrich.

I ask you this question, what are the chances of obtaining hybrids through pet morphing, by solo or with a Pirate? I can't even tell the estimation of hybrid possibilities when I tried to morph up pets to find the uncovered pet hybrids. There should've been an indicator to tell us the possibilities of hatching up hybrids before we can morph them.

Regardless, I'll still keep on trying, though, for I won't give up on the matter, even if it may take me over dozens of tries by myself.

Sep 19, 2011
Not sure of the percentages but here's my experiences;
I tried 3 or 4 times with a friend to get a grimtooth bout got luckier getting a not so great from a try. This enabled me to try with my ebon and only about 6 attempts later did I get one.

The paper dragon took me about 9 tries I think LOL I lost count somewhere along the way

The only one I got lucky with was the silver dollar dillo 2 trys

These are the onIy ones have right now so cant speak as to other hybrids but have only been playing with the morphing for a month and a half

Keep trying and good luck

May 30, 2010
It varies widely. I had very little luck getting the emusaur on any of my pirates. All told I did well over 40 attempts before one pirate finally got it -- she tried into the teens to get it. On the other hand, my frostbiter came on the first or second try (second, I think. I seem to have two hammerheads and I'm sure I only paid for one). I still don't have the grimtooth reaper, although Indigo seems to have managed to get that one easily enough.

Not sure if they improved the odds or if I'm just luckier when I try morphing with someone else, but Indigo and I got the bullrog on the third try.

Dread Pirate
Jun 17, 2013
Morphing for unknown hybrids and for currently known hybrids are two different beasts entirely. I have tried several hundreds of times, with many combinations tried, to discover new hybrids. And yes I have failed miserably and epically at this. So, it is quite easy to calculate my own chances so far....0 out of ALOT! Or from slim to none, with an emphasis on the none part.

Morphing for known hybrids, I have had mixed results from both morphing on my own and with a partner for those hybrids. I got both the Emusaur and the Tiger Shark on the 1st try-- both morphing with 2 of my own pets. The Frostbiter took me 5 tries morphing on my own, the Glowfish took 16 tries morphing on my own and the Grimtooth Reaper took me a combined 22-23 attempts, most on my own & a handful with a partner.

The Pork-u-Pine took me about 8 or 9 tries on my own, the Clocktopus took a WHOPPIN' 36 tries (but hey who's counting) by my lonesome, The Thorny Toad took me about 12 or 13 tries solo and the Bullrog took me about 12 solo attempts as well. But I since have acquired 4 more Bullrogs, with each one taking under 5 tries each. I have not tried for the Silver Dollar Dillo as of yet. Oh, and the Paper Dragon took about 15 tries on my own and then 1 try with Misty from here on the boards. But we were in a win/win situation were I was using my clocktopus (I think) and she was using her Paper Dragon. So one of us was getting a hybrid. Just don't expect those results with hybrids like the Emusaur, Grimtooth and the Bullrog as I believe (and have tried) you can only get parents back morphing with those particular hybrids, but I may be wrong.

But I have helped other players get many hybrids for themselves and every single one (a few dozen) have received the hybrid within 4 or 5 tries-- with most of them getting the hybrid on the very 1st and 2nd tries. To me, and in my experiences, the chances at least appear much better morphing for a known hybrid with a partner, rather than on your own.

So I think the actual chances can be figured out and calculated, but to me's a whole lot of randomness, Ratty's Rubby-Patty/Hooky-Scratchy techniques and pure luck involved.

Pirate Overlord
Mar 16, 2012
It is very random, I had great success getting the emusaur by myself ( morphed one for all six of my pirates )
& got it within 7 - 10 tries.
The silver dollar dillo was by far the easiest, got it in one try by myself.
The bullrog was also easy, I morphed with a friend ( my fire toad & his Mini Minotaur ) one morph got us this truly cool pet!
These are all my morphing attempts so far.
Good luck to you in your attempts!
Post Edit: paper dragon morphing alone 2-4 times.

May 31, 2009
Like everyone else has said, hybrid morphing is pure luck. Though I doubt Ratbeard and Decius would call it luck.

In my personal experience with hybrids, I received a Grimtooth on my very first try for it with my own pets, and then got two more helping out some other pirates (first tries for those as well). I didn't count up for the Tiger Shark, but I got it after a loooong time by morphing with the shark itself and a pet of my own. The Paper Dragon took me five tries with the parents. After over a month of gold farming and constant morphing, I still have not gotten an Emusaur. I must be over 20 tries by now (I lost count at around the 17-18 mark). So far, I've morphed only a couple times for the Silver Dollar Dillo (haven't gotten it) and I was part of the Bullrog testing to see if it could pass itself on (sadly, it doesn't-- have to level my Flame Toad now). The Habanero Tiger Shark is stubbornly refusing to appear after around 7 or 8 tries, but that doesn't surprise me since it's rare. I haven't tried yet for the Glowfish since my Stormtiger is still training. I don't have the parents for the Frostbiter, Pork-U-Pine, or Clocktopus, and I've only tried twice for the Thorny Toad (no luck).

I usually morph solo, but I got the Paper Dragon, Tiger Shark, and two of my Grims by morphing with other pirates.

Petty Officer
Nov 30, 2012
Haha, I've only ever morphed my pets once, and I got a hybrid from it known as the Not so Great White.

Dread Pirate
Jun 13, 2011
Well, it took me many tries, but I've finally gotten my own hybrid, and it's the Emusaur!

You were right about one thing, hatching up hybrids vary on chance, sort of like trial and error.

I'll keep on hatching more hybrids, current, & maybe find new ones, but I'm sure others may find new ones before me.

Dread Pirate
Jun 17, 2013
chiefbuppydoodles on Sep 25, 2014 wrote:
Haha, I've only ever morphed my pets once, and I got a hybrid from it known as the Not so Great White.
Congratulations on your new Not so Great White Sharky, that's great that you got one on your first and only attempt. However, the NSGWS isn't actually a hybrid, it was just a new and cool pet for you. The hybrids come from 2 known pet parents that create an unknown, completely different (and way cool) pet that shares traits and attributes of both parents. You can also acquire a hybrid from morphing with a partner that uses the already known hybrid to morph with you. Some hybrids can't be received from direct morphing with another hybrid though, the 2 pets used have to be the parents.

Your happy new little critter addition was a result of a known pet, that can be brought in from Pet Wranglin' and dropped from bosses in Marleybone as well.

But regardless, CONGRATS, on getting a new pet for you to train up and join your crew.

Pirate Overlord
Mar 10, 2009
chiefbuppydoodles on Sep 25, 2014 wrote:
Haha, I've only ever morphed my pets once, and I got a hybrid from it known as the Not so Great White.
I hate to break it to you but the Not So Great White is not a hybrid. It was prob the parent from what ever hybrid you tried to hatch with that could not produce itself.