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Petty Officer
May 27, 2009
Yes we all like to brag, and yes we all have pets that we shed blood sweat and sometimes money for. And are proud of this pet as if it's your own child.... ok maybe not that much but still. This thread will be to brag about her or his pet. Simply say what kind of pet is it and what abilities does it have. If you A: don't know the name of your pet at the time when you post, try and describe it, like big flaming monster with weapon in hand aka Bullrog. And if you don't know the name of the power describe that too! Another thing I hope this thread will accomplish is that we may be able to find people who have powers and epic talents that we're hunting for and maybe set up dates for when people could met and morph

Bold Ryan Richardson
Cruel Bart Sharp
Gangly Diego Underhill

Gunner's Mate
Sep 07, 2014