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Untested Pet Theories

Petty Officer
May 25, 2012
Here's a few pet ideas that I haven't yet tried out. I'm curious if anyone else has tried any of these as well.

Tawny Sky Turtle + Inky Octopus = an ammonite or nautilus.
Tawny Sky Turtle + Shellfish Crawly = a flying hermit crab.

Hawk + Fire Toad = Phoenix.
Hawk + Ebon Spectre = vulture.

Mutt Squawker + Heck Kitty = Heckle (a crow, as in from the cartoon Heckle and Jeckle).

The bird mixes seem more likely, only because phoenix, crow, and vulture models are already in the game.

Able Caleb Tolliver
Dark Dante Tolliver