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Thoughts For Today

Petty Officer
Jun 12, 2011
Oh Hybrid Morphing, so many many questions we are seeking to have answered. If only the great Oracle would grace us with his magic (or at least some fairy dust) we would all be so grateful

Many of us fellow morphing enthusiast have so many theories and what if's. I hear a new theory every day. Or I get the famous "Have you heard" speech time and time again. With all of our speculations it seems we just need a little luck. But something great has come from all of this , please read on...

I know personally I have found several times, the famous egg that looks different and I close my eyes and take screen shots, and to my dismay same ol' pet.

Also morphing the pets that are the same age hoping to increase the chances.

Or the hop on the sigil first and click first and vice-versa trick.

How about you stand on one foot, rub your tummy, meow like a cat while jumping through a hula hoop

I know we all are a bit frustrated but I personally would like to say thank you to the Morphing God. Because of pet morphing I have met some of the most wonderful people I have ever met in the game. I was in Beta and meet many great folks but as the game went live and time passed we all seem to have lost each other. So I am very thankful to have met some of the fellow "Chest Hunters", "Crazed Morphers" as we gather gold to try one more day for the infamous Hybrid combo.

So you all know who you are, we gather to plunder everyday. So if you are reading this, thank you all. Glad to have met you Now lets get hunting!

Petty Officer
Dec 05, 2009
Yar! Indeed Savannah, this Recent update seems to have brought a lot of us pet collectors and pet morphers together. I personally made lots of new "pet crazed" friends that keep me spending gold on new morph theories. and keep me looking for group plunder chests constantly. Even with all the time and gold spent on morphing, I have been having a blast! I haven't had this much fun in the game since marlybone and aquilla books and I've met more fun and interesting people in the last several weeks than i have since release.

I have to say Thank You all who make Pirate101 fun to play from the crew at KI and the wonderful community this game has to play it with.

happy morphing

Apr 09, 2014
I am so glad you are all keeping Hep Kat'mun company, before Bestia was flown out to skull island, he would just sit there moaning and groaning. Its great that all you wonderful pirates are keeping him occupied.

I know you are having a blast in the morphing tent, but don't forget to train those pets up strong and come spar with me!

Pirate Overlord
Mar 16, 2012
I'm not really into the morphing or dueling ( sorry Decius! ) But I do like training my pet and getting the best out of them, KI has made what was such a chore in W101 so easy for us here in P101!

Jul 07, 2013
Don't worry Decius, I'm sure when enough hybrids are found the sparing matches will begin. There are some people already focusing on pet strength and pedigree.

Virtuous Dante Ramsey

Petty Officer
Oct 11, 2012
Gosh there is still a lot for me to learn about this pet stuff, I have only gotten back playing for a month now, so many changes. It took me a while in w101 to learn all the pet stuff, but I finally made an awesome mega pet, perfect for pvp. I hope eventually I learn all this stuff an I get myself a really good pet.

Community Leader
Aww Savannah, what lovely words. I am quite glad to have met you too in-game. I'm quite glad that I have a lovely friend like you on my list. It sure has been a blast gold farming and trading hybrid theories with you! <3

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Jun 16, 2014
ok so i have a question.

Is there gonna be a trading system for pets and/ or other stuff?

answer would be appreciative

Petty Officer
Jun 12, 2011
Still enjoying our almost daily conversations

All though our conversations have changed a bit for the excitement about all the hybrids to everyday topics around the water cooler.

I am hoping for something soon to arrive in "Pirateville" so we can get that spark back that makes us run to our computers and log in to discuss all the big news worthy topics once again. Like the New Tower *hint hint*. Please open soon.

Until then, hope to see you all around the water cooler