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The First Gen Colectors Conundrum

Nov 21, 2010
Hello everyone,

I have some question that might be interesting looking into or talking about.

To introduce myself, I am Duncan Stormthief, known as Stubborn Duncan Freeman on pirates or just Ma1kavian on social media. I am an editor of Petnome Pirates and Petnome Project as well. As we deal with first gen pets, I am always on a lookout for new pets. Need to have them all!

Seriously, I have huge collection, and countless hours of farming behind myself.

Which leads me to my questions:

1. Is there a possibility that we didn't found dropped pet that is in game?

I am spending some time in the Pet Sparring arena and I know these pets were there for a while now, actually since the beginning - Longhorn Jackalope, Bone Dragon and Moonstone Spider.

I am wondering if these are dropped or hybrids. I noticed Skull Island Macaw also, which means Decius uses a hybrid now and then. Difference between these pets and other pets is that they don't have the crown icon on their Generic Stats image (you can see these once the battle is over).

2. Can a pet be obtained from a creature (enemy that is not a boss)? We do get Scylla Spawn from, well Scylla Spawns, which are creatures, but they are closely bound to a boss fight. I was farming Bone Drakes in Avernus Skyway, hopping that I would get a Bone Drake pet and nothing.

Hopefully someone has more interesting ideas to ask or maybe just comment. If you need a morph, don't be a stranger, I will always help when I can.

Btw we, fellow Petnomers, have been bouncing some ideas from most recent Decious hint and we got a interesting result. Alric Raensinger was able to produce Dire Crab!

The combo was Coconut Crawlie x Coconut Crawlie. Talking about nut combination.

Don't forget to train those pets, we always need info on our First Generation friends

Stubborn Duncan Freeman

May 21, 2012
Saw a few others in the pet arena that aren't listed anywhere as well:

Blue Clawed Scorpion
Cool Ranch Dillo
Longhorn Jackalope
Bubble Gum Chameleon

They aren't cash-card pets, so these are either hybrids or like you said - dropped pets that got overlooked. Hard to think that in this kind of time frame, we wouldn't have gotten something to drop. So if there are in fact dropped pets yet to find, I'd think they would be out of the way instances that don't offer second chance chests - think Cool Ranch and all those caves.

Nov 21, 2010
There are other possibilities too.

Pet drops could be also as:

Rewards from Mini Games
Rewards from Pet Sparring
Drops from Ship Bosses (Everybody sinks them, no one fights the captain)
Fights that are avoided (Stormgate creatures, Avernus Skyway creatures)
Secret, yet unexplained bosses in Scurvy Dog hideout (except that they might be class quest related fights that I haven't played with yet)

It would be nice if Decius would steer as a bit in right direction, or at least confirm that there are indeed First Gens undiscovered out there.