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Suggestion for Hybrid Pets

Gunner's Mate
Dec 16, 2009
As we all know there are a bunch of neat hybrids all over the spiral. I would love to use some of these hybrids but unfortunately, it isn't viable. Why? Well in Ranked PvP it often makes sense to have a pet with a built in loyal 2. In this way, it increases the chances of your pet(often one with Scent/Time Warp) showing up.

As such most PvPers are limited to using the Christmas Pets which come with built in Loyal 2(without taking up a talent slot). I would love if Hybrid pets could also come with built in Loyal 2. This would make them more viable in PvP while also allowing PvE players to have them displayed in battle more often.

May 09, 2013
If you remember, before advanced pets, every pet had a different epic talent (except the armadillo which had two). Perhaps in addition to the normal pedigree traits, different species could have different bonuses which could improve for pets that are harder to obtain?