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Pets with 8+ talents and powers

Mar 23, 2012
Hey guys, I've a question for everyone who has mastered the art of morphing (and Decius, of course):

How is it possible to morph a pet that presents more than 7 powers and talents?

I ask this because I've just stumbled across the third pirate in so many days with more than I assumed the current max of 7 (1 power/talent per 10 levels with a level cap of 70). 1 lady even had a pet with 4 grants, 2 powers and 3 talents! (I really should have taken a screenshot at the time and declared shenanigans as well as asked how at the time, but the haywire armada has a way of taking your attention).

Oct 26, 2013
There was a big pet update about a year ago. Any pet owned before that got loyal three. It's also possible to get rank two abilities for your pet.