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Pet Snack Request for Ratbeard

Jan 02, 2012
I really like training Power up on my pets, so I feed them snacks they like or love every chance I get.
Unfortunately, the only snacks I can reliably obtain without spending crowns come from Monquista or Skull Island. This means I morph trying to get Lionfish, or some Skull Island origin pet (and good traits in their pedigrees). Once everyone catches on to how awesome high Powered pets are in PvP, PvE, and the Arena, I'm afraid we will see fewer and fewer pets around except these that are easy to train power up on. In order to forestall this potential lack of variety in the game, Ratbeard, I respectfully request that you put some snacks from MooShu and Cool Ranch in the snack shops you placed in those worlds. They need not be even as powerfully nutritious as the snacks from Monquista, I just want to be able to buy, for gold, snacks my MooShu and Cool Ranch pets will love! Later, if you choose to put snack vendors in Marleybone and Aquila, I think it would be reasonable to have those vendors sell snacks from their respective origin worlds. After all, snacks from the world where the vendor is located should be the easiest for him to obtain anyway. I put this request in the Circus Maximus forum to be sure Decius sees it. Hopefully you would support me in this request, Decius.

Let me start by saying that Decius and I are taking this into consideration. You raise a valid concern-- and we want to make sure that players who are into pet training are not frustrated.

However: Taking your argument to its inevitable conclusion, "min max" players will eventually settle on a single "best pet" (as they see it...) regardless of its world origin or anything else.

Obviously we would prefer that all players choose their pets based on how cute, cool, or awesome they look, as opposed to viewing each pet as just a set of stats, talents, and training time.

So if your prediction comes to pass and you do indeed start to get bored seeing the same pets over and over-- just as, for example, one might get tired of seeing the same companions over and over-- that might just be a sign that you need to spend some time outside the PvP halls for a bit.

Jun 29, 2009
Being able to feed our pets a balanced diet (main dish, side dish and desserts) from their home world would be wonderful. As you said, they don't need to be powerful, just Liked and Loved by our pets.

I would love to see a pet vendor in each world, selling food from that world. It would give me a good reason to sail those Skies again.

Jul 26, 2009
I completely agree. Creating snacks that help raise Power would be helpful. As the owner of Petnome Pirates I am training pets constantly mostly for filling in the slots for the pets for the site but some of them end up manifesting real good Powers and Talents that are useful for my Max and low level pirates. Needless to say Power raises some Powers [i.e. Sargasso Strike etc] base damage as well as your pet's base damage. I'd like to be able to more easily raise it to max or close to it as it were most of my pets are 65 and only have about 100 maybe more Power.

@Original poster. I try to use as many pets as possible for example; My Swashbuckler has a Coconut Crawlie that is Lv 64 with some rad Powers/Talents. My Witchdoctor has an Armadillo Verde [Non-loyal version]. My Privateer has a Not so Great White Shark and Grimtooth Reaper. I really like the Crawlies and Inky Octopi.

Brave Sam Laveer
Petnome Pirates

Oct 08, 2012
Hey quick question for ya, Ratbeard. Can you add a penguin pet or Flying Squirrel pet from W101 to P101? The penguin pet can look like an Adelie penguin and Flying squirrel can be like the one from the W101 Crown shop.

Dread Pirate
Jun 17, 2013
Maybe, somewhat of a solution would be to just add the Universal Snacks to all of the vendors, or at least the low-mid level ones like Banana Soup (MQ), Sasperilla (CR), Farm Fresh Yum (MS) and Moolong Tea (MS). And maybe add a low-mid rank Universal Snack from Aquila and Marleybone. This way all of the worlds would be represented in the vendors inventories and every pet would have the chance to achieve the "Loved Snack" result from what the Vendors offer.

Seeing as how currently the only pets that can Love a vendor Snack are ones from Skull Island and Monquista, adding the Universal Snacks to the Vendors, and a couple more Universals from the other non-represented worlds (MB & AQ) we would at least be able to purchase a Snack that could be Loved by any pet they have. KI wouldn't have to program too many additions into the Vendors inventory and a result of a Snack being Loved and getting that +2 to Power would be obtainable in a reasonable fashion.

Maybe this could be a way to help or maybe not, but just a thought.