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P101 pet system reform

Nov 28, 2014
I think that the Pirate101 pet system needs a reform, here's my idea as to how we can fix it.

Pets will be trained in the same way as they are now but the timer starts at exactly 10 minutes per game at level 0. Each time a pet levels up, 1 minute will be added to the amount of time needed. with each world an additional 10 minutes is added on in the start. Example: (Monquista is 1 world ahead of Skull island so the starting point for every Monquistan game is 20 minutes and 2 minutes will be added every level.) Pet epics/powers will be selected differently, instead of having the usual 1 random epic or power being picked by some random generator, you will get faced with 2 epics/powers and from there you can select the one that you prefer which will be added onto your pet. The way KI will make profit is by allowing players to pay crowns to add a 3rd epic option to their pets talents and by adding an option to change 1 epic or power to another epic or power in the pet's gene pool.

- Mason

Gunner's Mate
Dec 26, 2013
Out of curiosity, why do you think the system needs a reform?
Frankly I see little wrong with the system as it is. Being able to choose talents for a pet is a bad idea in my opinion. Too much opportunity for specialization without the effort it should require. I'm not saying it wouldn't be very handy... but it takes the chance factor out of it to some extent and I think that should remain. For many people the hatching/morphing system is a game-within-a-game. Some of us are amateur DNA splicers and working to perfect a pet is a part of the allure.
Also, if P101 pets are "born" the same as they are in W101, your pets' talent pools are pre-set at birth. Offering options will do nothing to change what talents they get... only when they get them. Allowing any sort of other choice would require a total revamping of the entire system. The system is designed to allow us to groom our pets in any way we like, it simply takes dedication and time.