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New Pet Idea

Nov 09, 2012
Hello Pirates abroad,
I am quite new to the message boards, so please humor me.

As the subject says, I have an idea for a new pet, probably obtained in the crown shop. The Rampaging Rhino!
The reason I have thought up this pet is for this reason: The RR would have this power- Blind Rage. It would work something like this:
Pet continues in a straight line until it hits an object. pet deals X amount of damage. pet then bounces off object at a random angle. pet continues to run around and damage friends/enemies/random chairs until it has bounced 5(?) times.

I like this idea because it would be hilarious to see Little Pepper on her turn, suddenly run around randomly, hitting you and your enemies! Hope I explained it well enough.

Have a great day all,

Silver Gasper Leech