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New Hybrids Found!

Community Leader
Silent Allan Sharp found the following hybrid combinations:

Lion Fish x Blue Lion Fish = Butterfly Cod, Fire Fish, and Zebra Fish

Violet Bubblefish x Valencian Delicacy = Porcupine Fish, and I personally found the Bogeo Blowfish.

We've been trying the other two pets from that same Valencian Pet Vendor where the Blue Lion Fish and Valencian Delicacy came from with no luck so far.

We are trying look likes together. For example, Grabthar's Hammerhead x Hammerhead Shark or Frostbiter. Hans Grouper x Grouper, Reddrum or others.

PS: Thank you Clever Brianna Everett for suggesting the Bubblefish & Lion Fish hybrid ideas to start with.

Two Faced Valkoor Ohlen Discovered The Following Yeti Hybrid Combos:
He discovered two new hybrids from Everest Yeti and Mountain Yeti - Wildwood Yeti and Avalanche Yeti.

He said that Avalanche Egg was bright light blue on bottom and white on top, but a furry egg. And the Wildwood Egg was black and blue, but a slimy egg. He doesn't know why they are two different types of eggs. But there ya go!

Seems like today was a great day for hybirds!
Good luck morphers!

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Jul 07, 2013
crazy! I was wondering about this...

Virtuous Dante Ramsey

Dread Pirate
Jun 17, 2013
Thank you for sharing and posting, Kelsey/Kristen!

It was a pretty exciting day in the morphing tent and congrats to all those that discovered all of those cute fishy-hybrids. Seems the skyways just got a lot more populated. It sure was exciting to see that blue, furry egg pop up...even though it had me scratching my head a little bit (especially when the black/blue slimy egg appeared).

When I saw the furry egg show, I truly thought that it was going to be an entirely new species type of hybrid and not a re-skin of the Yetis. That, or I just knew it was going to be like those countless other times where an egg glitch occurred-- leaving me thinking I stumbled on a jumbled pet, only to see the odd egg turn into one of the parents. But it didn't!!! And man was I excited when I saw that cute, little light-blue Avalanche Yeti smiling back at me. Who knows...there just may be more Yeti hybrids out there that share the same parents. I tried a few times more, but no more new types of Yetis, yet.

Again, congrats to all of the new hybrid discoverers!

Happy hybrid hunting to ye all!

Oct 26, 2013
Sep 04, 2011
Shout out to my Friend Silent Al for his hybrid discoveries....Great work bro.

Apr 28, 2014
Good job guys :)

Dont forget to try morphing pets with themselves, there are already hybrids like that so maybe there are more.

Nov 23, 2011
Yeaaa! Congratulations to those who found new hybrid combinations, and thanks. But also thanks to everyone who keeps trying, success or not!