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New (?) Hybrid - Spicy Ostrich

May 09, 2013
All credit goes to Strong Ryan. I was in the morphing tent earlier when I saw him with a spicy ostrich. He got it from habanero shark x blue ostrich and also adds that he tried the combo many times with a regular ostrich and it didn't work.

Could this be the true "least owned pet"? Ryan just recently discovered it (it was only level 8), but it's possible a couple other pirates cleverly kept this from public knowledge...

Take that one out with the salsadillo to make any party have a bit more pop!

No thats not a clue to morph those 2 together.

Congratz, there are so many more hybrids out there to find. Keep up the good work.

Nov 23, 2011
Excellent! Well done Ryan, and thanks for letting us know, bluba4.