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Musketeer Pet?

Jun 22, 2008
I'm trying to get my hands on a pet that will give my musketeer something like Overwatch, Burst Fire, and the like but I've never really understood the merit of breeding or even how it really works. Would anyone be willing to waste some gold and morph your Musketeer-Powered pet with me? In exchange I do have a few hybrids and a couple of other decent pets (Mechanical Owl with Time Warp, Scylla Spawn, etc.) I could morph in exchange.

Nov 23, 2011
Sure, Jericho. One of my musketeers has a nice pet, and I would be more than happy to morph with you.

We need to set a day, time and realm. On weekdays, it will need to be in the evening.

My musketeer's name is Chase Nichols. He has a Skull Island macaw that grants Return Fire, Overwatch, Burstfire, Regroup, and Rally. His other two abilities are Time Stop and Webs I.