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Musketeer Looking for Help with Pet

Jun 27, 2011
Hi fellow pirates!

I just got back into Pirate101 and have been having a blast leveling my musketeer. Even though he's pretty dang awesome, I feel like a good pet would make him even greater before I go into Aquila (might not be necessary, but it would be nice lol). I've also been reaching max gold several times in Marleybone, and I kinda want to stop spending the excess gold on companion training points. So...what better way to spend gold than trying to make an ideal pet? Though I'm not totally savvy with pet hatching, or morphing, in this game, I know that a pet with Grants Burst Fire and Grants Overwatch would be great for him---I just wanna be like my Chantal and Bonnie Anne with their epic burst fire/double tap chains, hehe. If anyone's willing to help me with this endeavor and/or has any suggestions for a musketeer pet, feel free to reply to this message with your availability and tips. Let me know if there's anything I can do in return

See ya in the skyways,

Scott Jenkins, Level 64

Mar 28, 2009
I hear that Friday afternoons are the time to be in the Morphing Tent (in Avery Realm) to meet up with other pirates.

If that isn't your normal time to play, it does help to indicate when you would be in-game. Fan sites like Pirate101 Central are also good places to find help and advice - they're a little quicker to get responses usually.

I probably have a pet or two that might be good for you, but I usually play early mornings US Central time, so whether that would work or not, let me know.