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More Pet Names!

Nov 09, 2012
Lets get more pet names please! There are already quite a few, but with so many different pets running around, we need more unique names!

Silver Jasper Leech

Nov 23, 2011
In general, I would like to see all the name lists expanded.


Jun 10, 2013
I agree. Alan, Amanda, Amy, Anderson, Andrew, Andy, Ashley, Audrey, Bec, Becca, Becky, Bethany, Blake, Blossom, Bob, Brad, Britney, Bryan, Bubbles, Buttercup, Carly, Cat, Catherine, Charles, Chris, Chuck, Cocoa, Cotton, Courtney, Craig, Dave, David, Davis, Dino, Dolly, Dylan, Eli, Emily, Grace, Indigo, Jackie, Jacob, James, Jason, John, Joseph, Justin, Kate, Keith, Kenny, Kevin, Laura, Lauren, Lee, Lincoln, Lisa, Logan, Magnolia, Maria, Mary, Miranda, Natalie, Nathan, Parker, Peter, Peyton, Phillip, Pink, Ray, Rebecca, Rick, River, Ryan, Sara, Sarah, Scott, Shea, Skull, Sky, Stephanie, Suzanne, Taylor, Thomas, Titan, Travis, Tulip, Victor, Victoria, Whitney, Will, William, Wilson, and Zach would be a good name additions. I think there is around 189 pet name options right now without counting the titles such as admiral or prince. I think they should at least increase the name options to 300.

Sep 17, 2012
I will look into this, but if I remember right it might not be possible to add more in the middle, Any new names might be added to the end.
No promises that I can do it, but I will take a look.

Jun 10, 2013
RRRRZZZZ419 on Nov 9, 2016 wrote:
Another good pet name addition would be Waffle.
But then we would need syrup and butter. Then I know this one guy here at work would want bacon, HE ALWAYS WANTS BACON...
But Waffle is a good name.

Jun 10, 2013
You must have a real sense of humor Decius. That is funny, just like your post about keeping the gold statues shiny. Be sure to let us know if are able to expand the pet names.